My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Apk Download [Latest Version]

Apk NameMy Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Apk Download
Size191.98 MB
DeveloperPatreon –
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Apk Download

The sexbot market exploded in the dystopian year 2021. They quickly outnumbered the entire auto industry, and a golden age of peace appeared to be closer than ever. Unfortunately, a month later, a global crisis involving China and the United States led to a ban on sexbots on a global scale. Never again would life be the same.

Nationwide riots followed, and a plethora of militias and terrorist organisations emerged, most notably the Benign Bionist Coalition and the Incontinent Cell, who were battling for control of the sexbots that were still alive. The few remaining sexbots, which were formerly widely available, are now only found in the darkest recesses of the dark web illicit market. Nowadays, it is technically impossible to obtain one in excellent condition because all sexbot manufacturers were destroyed as a result of the ban.

Young Anon, you reside in a white neighbourhood. You lose your work once more and are left without any money. One evening, you witness a military truck swerve and almost collide with your apartment building. The truck pulls away as some of its contents spills out and into a nearby ditch. You choose to look into it. The mysterious cargo begins to take shape as you draw nearer.
A sexbot, that is.

Will anon sell the sexbot and the key to a long and fulfilling life? Will he be able to pay his rent or will he perish in a megacity’s desolate streets, frozen to death? Everything will depend on what you do.

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