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Since Neji is a year older than Naruto, neither of them had any notable interactions with each other while they were students at the academy. But when Neji battles another Hyuga at the chuunin exams, Hinata Hyuga, Naruto’s bashful friend (and hidden admirer), they come into direct contact.

(Note: Episodes 46 and 47 of the original series feature one of the best storytelling moments in the entire run. excellent viewing!)

Neji and Hinata are engaged in a one-on-one fight. Neji is a member of the branch family of the Hyuga clan. They are treated equally on the exam floor, but everywhere else, Neji and any branch family member are expected to give their lives in order to keep Hinata (the heiress of the main family) safe. In actuality, Neji’s father passed away due to a similar circumstance, and Neji has never recovered from that loss.

Neji is openly hostile and wants to show Hinata how much better he is in the one situation where he can attack her.

When Hinata is pondering forfeiting, Naruto, who is watching from the stands, encourages her vociferously. Hinata has had a crush on Naruto for years at this point, and she now wishes to emulate his bravery since she so deeply admires it. She continues to fight even when it is obvious that she is losing the battle because of that goal.

But since she persists, Neji manages to strike a fatal blow to her heart.

Even with severe internal injuries, Hinata continues to fight, and Neji keeps knocking her to the ground in an effort to break it up amicably. But finally, she makes a personal remark to him that makes him angry (and is reminiscent of something Naruto would have said). 4 Konoha Jounin, including his own sensei and the teacher in charge of the exam, ran onto the arena floor to stop Neji from moving when everyone in the room realised he was about to kill her.

Neji is furious that they are defending her, but she already gave up the fight the moment they entered the picture. He stops attacking Hinata because it is now against the law to do so. Which is fortunate because she is unable to stand and is coughing up blood.Ninja medics storm the space.

While observing all of this from the audience, Naruto jumps to the arena floor out of concern. Neji then starts making fun of Naruto, telling him he shouldn’t have encouraged her. He refers to Naruto as a dropout who is incapable of ever changing. Naruto is angry and needs to be stopped from hitting Neji right then.

As Hinata is led away from the fight, Naruto comes to understand how much he can relate to what she said to Neji. He recognises that her words were similar to his own. He walks over to the area where Hinata’s blood is and dips his hands in it, letting the blood stream down his fingers. He then turns to face Neji while raising a bloody fist. Naruto vows to slay Neji on that bloody day because of how Hinata has motivated him.

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