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Apk NameNew Globe One App Download
Size76 MB
DeveloperGlobe Telecom
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is New Globe One App Download

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About New Globe One App

A globe is a spherical representation of the Earth, another heavenly body, or the celestial sphere. While globes serve comparable functions as maps, they do not alter the surface they depict other than to scale it down. A terrestrial globe is a model of the Earth. A celestial globe is a replica of the celestial sphere.

A globe displays information about its topic. Land masses and aquatic bodies can be seen on a terrestrial globe. It may display countries, significant cities, and a network of latitude and longitude lines. Some people have used raised relief to depict mountains and other significant features. The positions of other well-known astronomical objects may also be shown on a celestial globe together with noteworthy stars. The celestial sphere will typically be divided into constellations as well.

The Latin word globus, which means “sphere,” is where the term “globe” originates. The history of awards is extensive. Strabo describes the Globe of Crates, which dates back to around 150 BC, and makes the first recorded reference to a globe. Martin Behaim created the Erdapfel, the earliest surviving terrestrial globe, in 1492. The oldest celestial globe that is still around is in the Farnese Atlas. It was made during the second century of the Roman Empire.

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