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What is Oldubil 4PDA Apk Download

You can carry out a variety of financial transactions swiftly and easily with OlduBil, a prepaid card and mobile application that is authorised by MasterCard. You can use OlduBil to make purchases online and at any place of business even if you don’t have a bank account. You can transfer money around-the-clock and pay your utility bills swiftly and efficiently for nothing. At OlduBil, there are no costs like account maintenance fees. You can use OlduBil to access your account balance at any time through Turkish banks and PTT ATMs. To benefit from OlduBil’s exclusive discounts and cashback opportunities, download the app right away!

OlduBil Application and OlduBil Card Benefits Simple and quick account establishment.

as soon as you download the application, you have a virtual card.

the benefit of receiving more discounts and rebates when you shop.

Even if you don’t have a bank account, you can send and receive money with ease, 24/7.

Utility bills may be paid for free, even in instalments.

With a QR code, it is possible to transmit and receive money around-the-clock.

In only one minute, create an account

With just your name, last name, and phone number, you can sign up with OlduBil in less a minute, and you can then immediately begin using your virtual card.

As soon as you register the application, you get access to your OlduBil Virtual Card!

You may quickly and securely shop online and at any location with your Mastercard-licensed prepaid virtual card. Anywhere that Mastercard is accepted worldwide, you can use your OlduBil card. You have the option of ordering a real card directly from the application or via one of the authorised sales locations.

With OlduBil, managing your account is simple.
You can keep tabs on your card transactions and manage your balance from the “My Wallet” option in the app. Additionally, with this menu, it’s incredibly simple to deposit money, pay bills, transfer money, and perform QR transactions!

Increase Your Savings and Cashback Through Shopping

You and your family can take advantage of a wide range of benefits and discounts with your OlduBil prepaid card. With partnerships that are exclusive to OlduBil, you can receive immediate cashback. From your app, you can keep tabs on all of your account activity and your available balance. You may make shopping more advantageous and pleasurable by using your OlduBil prepaid card.

Even without a bank account, you can send money around the clock.

You can send and receive money around-the-clock using OlduBil without having a bank account. You can send money 24/7 and take advantage of the quick and free money transfer by entering the card or phone number of the OlduBil users you wish to send money to in the programme.

With your OlduBil Prepaid Card, spend up to the amount you deposit.

You can add as much money as you’d like to your account using your OlduBil prepaid card. As a result, you have total control over the funds on your card.

Pay Bills From Anywhere With OlduBil, you can pay all of your utility bills promptly, safely, and without having to stand in line. You may also spread out your payments over time.

Simple Money Transfer and Spending Monitoring for Your Children

You can effortlessly send your child pocket money, track your expenses, and prevent touch with money by setting up a separate account for them on OlduBil.

Make Payments Without Carrying Cash With Your OlduBil Contactless Card

Your OlduBil contactless card allows you to make all of your purchases in a hygienic manner.

Money can be deposited and withdrawn anywhere.

You can load funds onto your OlduBil card using your bank account, credit card, any bank, and PTT ATMs. You can also use ATMs to withdraw funds from your account.

To take advantage of all these benefits and more with the OlduBil prepaid card, download the programme and quickly and easily register.

Apk NameOldubil 4PDA Apk Download
Size51 MB
Requires Android5.5 and up

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