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What is Paray Shikshalaya App

Download the Paray Shikshalaya app. No classes are available for students in Pre-Primary Class 7. School Education introduces the “Paray Shikshalaya” Scheme for them. In essence, this plan is geared toward outdoor education. Information about the Paray Shikshalaya programme may be found here.

For the duration of the COVID-19 epidemic, human existence has been limited to four walls.

a long time to come. As a result of their schools remaining closed, the children are the most affected.

As a result, their ability to learn was harmed. When this occurs, the

In a genuine effort to spread the word, schoolchildren were targeted by the government.

methods such as web-based classes and others.

However, their efforts did not have the desired effect.

pervade the primary school studentsIt’s been so long since I was in a class.

The environment is certain to have a detrimental influence on our health.

The West Bengal government launched “Paray Shikshalaya,” a neighbourhood open-air school project for students in grades one through seven, on February 7.

The purpose of this project is to entice pupils who were forced to drop out of school because of the COVID-19 epidemic to return.

On January 31st, classes for grades 8 through 12 began across the state. On the other hand, students in lower courses continued to enrol in online programmes. Students from groups like SFI, West Bengal Chhatra Parishad, and ABVP have been protesting in the streets for a week. They want all schools to be reopened as soon as possible.

A group of physicians and parents also backed the reopening of schools. In response to rising demand for physical education programmes, the state government reopened schools and developed this neighbourhood course programme.

Who is expected to be enrolled in these classes?

Initially, the programme was directed at primary school students (1 to 5). Because physical education programmes in schools did not restart for pupils in grades 6 and 7, they were also included. Students are summoned in groups. Students taking classes in the area can also have lunch in the middle of the day.

Where did these classes take place?

For schools without open-air venues, classes were held in neighbourhood parks and grounds. Local governments and MLAs assisted in the construction of infrastructure in such parks, such as the placement of temporary shades and benches, as well as the supply of mid-day meals for students.

At schools with such amenities, classes were held in open-air places. Students sat on seats, and blackboards were put up to resemble a classroom atmosphere.

What was the initial response of students?

Students were thrilled about their classes on the first day. Classes were offered in a number of places around Kolkata, with each school averaging 30 to 40 students. Students were obliged to follow COVID-19 safety requirements at all times and wear masks.

Who said what on this project?

An educationalist, Pabitra Sarkar, was doubtful if this technique would be useful. In an India Today story, he was quoted as saying, “I don’t know if the requisite infrastructure can be constructed for this.”

According to Srijan Bhattacharya, state general secretary of the SFI, the plan is a ruse since the infrastructure to hold regular sessions with such a large number of students does not exist.

The ABVP’s national secretary, Saptarshi Sarkar, claims that the “Paray Sikshalay” initiative was implemented without much thought, and that regular lessons, even at the pre-primary level, will help the youngsters.

Trinankur Bhattacharya, state president of the Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad, said the state government’s creative effort will assist students from lower socioeconomic strata who are unable to attend offline classes in buildings owing to the pandemic.

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