Gatround was fined nearly million 1 million for unlicensed management and other violations by the attorney general’s license fee by W. Washington, DC Office Fees, part of a settlement he says would start with a peer-to-peer car rental, “politically motivated allegations.”

The AG’s office began investigating the company early last year after receiving reports of a vehicle theft of a listed car on the Gatround platform. The settlement, issued Friday, requires the company to pay the city લર 950,000, in addition to enforcing other changes, including compensation for stolen or damaged customers of vehicles listed on rent on the Gateround platform.

Gatround, the winner of TechCrunch startup Battlefield in Dispat NYC in 2011, lets individual car owners rent their vehicles for hours or days through its website and app. The site, like a rival tour or home rental analog RBNB, mediates this exchange (and cuts a top). The company attracted a lot of interest from investors, most recently collecting 140 million Series E which raised its total venture capital to 600 million.

Compromise is what is known as “assurance of voluntary compliance”, and it is not a confession of guilt. The settlement document specifies that Gatround denies it any violation of consumer protection or tax laws.

“Jig Economy companies should follow the same rules as their brick and mortar counterparts,” Attorney General Carl Rassin said in a statement. “They must provide clear and accurate information to consumers, especially about the safety of their services, and they must pay their fair share of taxes, just like everyone else.”

AG’s office fees claim that Gatround operates without a license in the district, misrepresents its service and makes “false or misleading representations” about the safety of its car rental services. As part of the settlement, the company must create a written policy for user complaints about vehicle damage or theft, including ways to report any problems to users. It must clearly state the limitations of its security features, such as its “Advanced Security” software software feature, which Gatround says on its website that it can freeze when your car is not being used. Gateround for insurance cover should have more clear terms and conditions.

The AG’s office fee also claimed that Gateround misleads customers by creating fake owner profiles for its owned and operated vehicles. The company will now have to make a clear disclosure in its fleet of car catalogs.

A Gatround spokesman told TechCrunch that the company “clearly disagrees” with AG’s allegations.

The spokesman said that in terms of safety and security, the attorney general acknowledges that the company has taken immediate corrective action as soon as Gateround became aware of safety issues affecting certain cars in the district. “As per its practice, Gatround will continue to compensate car owners who have filed valid claims for damages or damages. After all, there has never been a controversy over the taxes Gateround pays in the wake of this settlement. Gatround will continue to pay taxes applicable to the district and to the area in which it operates. “

A company spokesman said: “While the attorney general focuses on tackling political issues, the focus is on connecting safe, convenient and affordable cars with residents of the Gatround district who need to live and work.”