What is Pokedialer Apk Download

PokeDialer Apk, an unauthorised Android programme made by fans, may one day take the place of the official phone app. The App will display the Pokemon Encounter screen when you receive a call. Walking, on the other hand, is a more courteous approach to decline a call, and you have the option of answering or not.

PokeDialer enters “battle mode” when you pick up the phone, placing your pre-selected Pokemon in front of an unknown opponent. Beginners can use the National PokeDialer’s first 251 Pokemon. In the wild, a brilliant Pokemon can also be found.

Pokemon Crystal affected the call UI, contact list, call recording, and key instructions.

Getting them is half the pleasure, as any Pokemon player will tell you. Because it is not a regular Pokemon game, it is great for spammers. Each of your random contacts, on the other hand, has a moderating factor, which is why it works so well.

You’re more likely to fall victim to the new Pokemon if you receive a lot of false calls from numbers claiming to know someone.

Spam calls are particularly hazardous since they prey on society’s weakest individuals and steal large quantities of money from them. Scammers may succeed if you use iOS and Android or your carrier to ban them.

But I’m going to have a good time until we figure out how to outlaw spam calls and shut down the corporation that keeps them in business.

PokeDialer Apk Information

PokeDialer Apk is a game that allows you to catch Pokemon. PokeDialer, an application that may entirely transform the interface of your Android screen in some situations, is one of the most popular Android mode apps for PokeDialer lovers. This application, in particular, provides you with a unique call screen experience.

and owing to this interface, you may experience a graphical appearance that is reminiscent of the iconic Game Boy video game.

This means that when you call, you’ll be greeted with a Game Boy interface that looks almost identical to the original PokeDialer game. It’s a pleasant touch of nostalgia that adds to the appeal of your smartphone, but you can also use this mode to make the call screen more than just a place to remember this iconic game, but also a place to experience the mini “Pokemon Battles.”

When you set up your phone with the Pokemon function, you may enjoy not just the aesthetic, but also the mini Pokemon battles that appear when you receive or make a call. It makes picking or calling more enjoyable because you can participate in these conflicts, which make every discussion more fascinating and enjoyable.

Then this app might be a great addition to any Pokemon fan’s phone. You’ll love those tiny bouts whenever someone calls you, and you’ll remember the aesthetics of your childhood’s popular Pokemon games!

Features of PokeDialer Apk

Switch to a different call screen. Pokedialer adds a separate call screen to your Android, so instead of seeing the same unpleasant screen every time you answer or pause, you’ll get a cute Pokemon screen with mini-fights.

Accept calls in the style of Pokemon. When you get a call or make a call, a screen showing all genres of Pokemon games from the 1990s and early 2000s will emerge. You’ll have a great time!

2D graphics from the past. The graphics will be in a retro style and will resemble the Game Boy Pokemon game almost entirely. This and more shows like it will pique your interest!

Totally risk-free and effective. Pokedialer is a completely secure programme that modifies the design of your call screen to make it more entertaining. It does not make any significant changes to your operating system.

Additional Features

  • An improved call-up UI that emulates the original Game Boy game’s astounding combat capabilities!
  • Choose a trainer and a monster for each of your contacts to battle each time you call!
  • From the top 493 in the national selection index, pick your own trainer and monster!
  • The entire app is styled after a retro handheld console from the 1990s!
  • Dark mode and how to activate it in various ways!
  • Call log that can be edited!
  • Make a contact list!
  • Quick response that can be customised!

Please be cautious.

Battles aren’t worth your time! Battle is a graphical simulation because PokeDialer is a dialer and not a game application. Right now, we’re not interested in making it playable.

Apk NamePokedialer Apk Download
Size11.2 MB
DeveloperALEN AJAM
Requires Android5.5 and up

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