What is Pop Ninja Apk Download

They all have their own goals and priorities, and they’re all written in the Japanese manga manner. You begin to accumulate more and more points, and three people’s lives are ripped from you with ease. Then you can enter your ranking and how active you are in tweeting about your game to all of your friends, relatives, and even his mother.

What is Fap Ninja Apk all about?

On the other hand, the Fap Ninja software, which stores cats and photos and records adult-themed topics, is possibly the most harmful thing we can find on the internet. Furthermore, this hormone-free drug is widely available for Android, where a variety of adult games may be found.

To improve your ranking, play a variety of little games.

One of them is FAP Ninja, whose title says a lot about the game. In similar scenarios, you’ve had a lot of practise with superior layouts and narratives. We have a variety of games that are basically miniature versions of ordinary games that we only need to know how to play. We need to be even more cautious.

They all have distinct goals and ambitions, and they’ve all been ascribed the ultimate standardised Japanese manga style. You must, however, remain focused, and losing your three lives too quickly will be prudent and cautious. At this point, you can even tweet your score to let your partner, family, and even your mother know what kind of game you’re playing.

To obtain points, you must complete a number of mini-games.

Fap Ninja is a game where you compete to be the best self-love ninja in the world. There are more difficult adventure games available, but in this case, you must complete a succession of minor offensive mini-games rapidly.

Each mini-game has a distinct objective, although they all feature Japanese manga. You must gain a certain number of points while avoiding losing three lives to keep the game from ending too soon. After that, you can send a tweet with your score to show off how hot you are to your friends, families, and even your mother.

Mini-games, as you may be aware, require you to complete tasks by setting time periods. Repairing a faulty vibrator, for example, or performing a range of other tasks such as assisting half-naked girls in escaping the ropes, placing condoms in various spots, and assisting squid in mating. It’s a lot more fun than a practical prank. You’ll have to reveal some humorous images and crush one of your heroes if you don’t fulfil the assignment within the time limit. You have three chances to collect all of the points in the game. You will gain greater bonuses if you play quicker.

Completing many mini-games will help you raise your score.

One of them is Fap Ninja APK, which aptly describes the game. You may have encountered adventure games with greater graphics and storylines, but we’re dealing with a collection of stingy mini-games that we need to solve as fast as feasible in this situation.

They each have their own set of ambitions and goals, as well as a distinct Japanese manga aesthetic. You must accumulate a growing number of points while avoiding losing any of your three lives. You can then tweet your score to inform your friends, family, and even your mother about the game you’re playing.


  • The naughty squid is a hot little ninja tent assistant as well as a fap ninja monster pet.
  • Help FAP Ninja in his quest for endless orgasm!
  • There have been almost 10 additional stages added!
  • Hansai Clauthentic is a Japanese synchronisation game with about 35 stages.
Apk NamePop Ninja Apk Download
Size75 MB
DeveloperPap Ninja
Requires Android5.5 and up

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