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When playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the appropriate PUBG tips and tactics will ensure that you survive through the opening clashes. Despite a simple notion, implementation is difficult – and execution is the operative word when a sniper bullet might split your brain hemispheres at any moment.

You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of this battle royale – drop in, grab the greatest stuff, and figure out how to utilise it to stay alive against other players and the ever-present wall of energy. Guns, strategies, map knowledge, key goods, and which caps go with which vests are all things that can help you get an advantage in the next conflict. We’ve got some PUBG instructions below to get you shooting, plundering, and eating a chicken meal in no time.

  1. Early on, don’t be scared to lurk in the shadows.

Taking damage to remain alive may not seem like the ideal strategy, but it might be worthwhile in the early game. You will receive some damage if you hide on the border of the blue circle, but no one will anticipate you to be there. You can remain there for a long period and avoid fights totally if you have some strong healing alternatives. You might even be able to score a few kills on unwitting opponents. However, you keep a close check on your health and the following circle.

  1. Terrain may provide concealment just as effectively as any building or wall.

Buildings are normally quite useful for surviving, especially if you can hide the lone entrance, but they come with a lot of dangers. A well-placed grenade will put a stop to your sprint in a hurry, and anyone who knows you’re in there may just wait at the exit. If you want to maintain your ground for a while, search for a ridge, dip, or slope where your opponents won’t be able to attack you. This will give strong cover with better visibility than a structure and, more importantly, a greater number of escape possibilities.

  1. Wear a level three helmet at all times…

If you want to win, you’ll need a decent helmet and vest, therefore always strive for the highest level available while looting untouched gear. It might be tough to determine what to pick up and what to leave if you locate a damaged level three on the person you brought down after a combat. The overall rule is actually rather straightforward. Even if it’s on the verge of being destroyed, always wear a level three helmet. A level three will always and only rescue you from a headshot with the M24. As a result, it is almost always worthwhile.

4….but it’s not uncommon for a level three vest to be left behind.

In terms of utility, vests differ from helmets, however a level three that has not been damaged is always preferable to a level two. If you expect to take a lot of battles in the late game, then durability is more crucial than level. As a result, a full health level two is preferable to a quarter health level three because it lasts longer. However, if it’s down to the final few players, the damaged level three should be the superior choice, since stopping more damage from a single shot might be the difference between a win and a defeat.

  1. Play the circle’s periphery

When you reach the late game, you’ll need to employ a variety of methods. Playing on the edge of the circle and running in with it is the one that should keep you alive. When you stay on the edge, the area you need to be aware of shrinks dramatically. You’re aware that a large amount of what’s behind you is completely secure, so all you have to worry about is what’s in front of you. When you’re in the midst, you have to keep your eyes on everything, which isn’t easy.

  1. Maintain a high level of energy late in the game.

Even if you are in perfect health, it is a good idea to start popping those energy drinks and medicines once it comes down to the last 15 or so individuals to get you jacked up and regenerating health. There are a few reasons for this, including the fact that you won’t have to worry about it after a late-game combat, and the possibility that one tick of health recovery might win you a tight battle. In any case, if you have them, you should use them as soon as possible because there’s no purpose in storing them. With a chicken supper, who wants painkillers?

  1. Hiding in the bushes is quite effective.

This may sound absurd, but bushes are an excellent stealth choice. If you sit in a bush, there’s a good possibility someone will stroll right past you and wonder where they were shot. Bushes don’t give much in the way of cover, but if no one sees you, no one will shoot you, and you won’t die. If you’re going to attempt it, take off any brightly coloured clothing you’re wearing first.

  1. Grass fades away with time, so don’t hide under it.

In PUBG, you can see for hundreds of metres with the correct scopes and sightlines, but grass stops being visible at roughly 200 metres. This implies that if someone chose to lay down, they may believe they are well hidden, but everyone within 200 metres of them may easily see them. It’s usually best to seek for hard cover, such as a tree or a wall (or even a shrub), rather than trying to lay down on the grass until it’s too late. This also means that in a field, hitting the deck when shots come in is a bad idea. Just dash to the nearest cover.

  1. Choose your battles

Everyone aspires to be the one who scores 20 kills and emerges victorious, but the chances of it occurring are minimal. (Unless you’re Shroud or Dr Disrespect, two of the most popular PUBG streamers who manage to kill more people in a single round than most people do in an entire evening.) So, in order to stay alive, you must choose your battles carefully. That’s not to suggest you shouldn’t fight, but you should only engage in conflicts you know you can win. If you see someone with an AWM and full level three armour, don’t challenge them in broad daylight. However, if you see someone with a shotgun and you have a 4x AR, you should definitely take them out. Take a second to assess each fighting situation, and if it appears to be difficult, flee.

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