What is Qlhs_0244p_Android.APK

The economic simulation game Qlhs 0244p Android.Apk allows you to run your hotel empire. When you’ve finished your education, you’ll notice that your parents’ firm has failed. Your parents have made the decision to shut down the store. They do, however, decide to introduce fresh ideas and turn the empire around.

One of your suggestions is to transform a hotel into a romantic haven. Almost every aspect of the hotel will revolve around love! Is that enough to get the company back on track? To find out, download Qlhs 0244p Android.Apk for Android.

Assume the role of a final-year university student in Tokyo, Japan. You learn the day before graduation that your parents’ hotel is closing. You operate the hotel as a last resort… so make it a love hotel!


The game is quite entertaining. It also features a dating simulation. Players meet new individuals and form bonds with them. If you wish to attract more consumers by leveraging the dating component,

You’ll pick up new talents and business methods as the game continues. There are many different furniture styles to pick from, including modern, sleek, and rustic.

For revenue, businesses such as stores and restaurants might be established. You can also buy new furniture, refurbish your hotel room, and hire service providers to help you.

Qlhs_0244p_Android.Apk Features

Explore different places. Beautiful landscapes and a variety of locations can be found in the game!Restaurants, colleges, and retail malls are all worth visiting. To fulfil your objectives, explore new places!

The possibilities are endless. By furnishing your hotel room with various types of furniture, you can personalise your gaming experience. In each room, you may also change the look of the walls, flooring, rugs, ceiling, window blinds, and wallpaper.

This is a cool sim game. The game is simple to learn but difficult to master! Explore new locations, meet new people, form new relationships, and improve your business abilities to stay competitive.

Romance abounds. You have a selection of love partners to pick from. Everyone has their own desires before a relationship begins! If your acquaintance enjoys dancing, for example, invite him!

The simulation is intense. There are a lot of things to do! You are in charge of creating a lovely hotel, managing the employees, and decorating the rooms. A dynamic calendar system will keep you occupied throughout the game.

Get paid to play. Playing for a living Qlhs 0244p Android allows you to play minigames. Collect fish, catch bugs, care for plants, and perform quests for money in this apk.

Many characters are waiting for you. Many characters are eagerly awaiting your response. Each character has a unique personality and set of abilities. You could wish to take your girlfriend shopping with you if she enjoys it.

The animation and graphics are very nice. The visuals are stunning. Furthermore, well-animated visuals ensure a fantastic gaming experience.

H-C voiced partially. This game contains several explicit situations. A character can ask you out on a date to his residence. You could perhaps discover that your lover is flirting with you and wants to get personal with you!


The game is quite entertaining. It has dating and love simulation aspects. You meet individuals and form bonds with them. You want to exploit the dating experience to increase the number of people that visit your hotel. You’ll pick up new talents and business methods as the game continues. You may also choose from a variety of decor styles, such as modern, viscous, or rustic. You can also make money by constructing businesses and restaurants. You may also hire service providers, acquire new furnishings, or redecorate your hotel room!


Persona-inspired Qlhs 0244p Android.Apk. The protagonist has recently come home from Tokyo University. Even though he lacks the requisite knowledge, he resolves to salvage the family firm. To resurrect this dead empire, he must first transform it into a kingdom of love.

Apk NameQlhs_0244p_Android.APK
Size550 MB
Requires Android5.5 and up

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