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RapeLay (, Reipurei) is a 3D eroge video game developed by Illusion and published in Japan on April 21, 2006. The primary tale is shorter than in previous Illusion games, it has a better 3D engine, and it is mostly controlled with the mouse. A man character chases and rapes a mother and her two daughters in the game. The game drew worldwide attention and controversy three years after its original release, resulting in it being banned in various countries.

RapeLay is a game in which you take control of a chikan called Masaya Kimura, who follows and rapes the Kiry family (a mother and her two daughters).


In Story Mode, the player takes control of a sex offender with a criminal record. In the sequence of 12-year-old Manaka, 42-year-old Yko, and 17-year-old Aoi, the protagonist sexually abuses two youngsters and an adult lady. Free Play mode is unlocked when the player has rapped all three ladies.

Masaya Kimura is apprehended by the police when Aoi Kiry observes him molesting a lady on a metro train. The following morning, Aoi and her younger sister Manaka assist their mother, Yko, in locating a wallet she misplaced while discussing Aoi’s event the day before. Kimura covertly listens in on their chat while waiting outside their residence, unbeknownst to them. It is revealed here that his father, a powerful politician, was able to have him released from prison. When Kimura learns that Yko is widowed, he vows to avenge her, beginning with Manaka.

He gropes Manaka on a train after following her to the metro station. He captures Manaka in a public restroom, rapes her, and snaps images of her nude, semen-covered body with his phone after exiting the train at the next station. Masaya tells Manaka to act unwell the following day and remain in her room.

A screenshot from Chikan mode shows the player grabbing Aoi Kiry, the last victim, on a subway.
Masaya follows Yko from her residence to the metro the next day, fondling her on a train. Then he follows her to the park in the city. Manaka phones Yko on her cellphone, as ordered by Masaya, and informs her that she is in the park’s bushes. Masaya ambushes Yko as she goes into the bushes, binds her up, and rapes her. He snaps photographs of her, just like he did with Manaka, before giving her over to his minions, who detain her for him.

Masaya follows Aoi to the metro on the third day and shows her a photo of her cuffed mother. As he gropes her on a train, she can only obey his demands. She confronts Masaya why he did what he did after getting off the train, and she recognises him as the guy she reported for groping a lady earlier. Masaya and his thugs board a car and drive Aoi to a hotel owned by his family. He raps her forcefully in a mini-suite room and then photos her again after leaving.

Yko and Manaka are led inside the chamber through a hidden entrance after Masaya has had his way with Aoi. After capturing all three, Masaya discloses his intention to use them as sex slaves. Yko attempts to fill in for her daughters by begging him to accept her instead. He thinks about it and informs Yko that if she can show her value, he could save her daughters. While her daughters watch, Yko gives him fellatio. Yko believes she has secured her girls’ freedom when Masaya seems delighted with her performance. Masaya, on the other hand, confesses that he will never alter his decision and that they will all be staying. Lastly, Yko breaks down, followed by Manaka, and finally Aoi. The main tale concludes with a foreboding title card saying that the Kiry family terror has just just started as a new day begins.


There are two potential outcomes. Regardless matter the outcome, Masaya will perish.

Masaya becomes pregnant with either Manaka, Aoi, or Yko and chooses to keep the kid. Masaya is at the subway when he slips into the railway tracks and is murdered by a moving train a few days later.
The game will display a cinematic of Aoi wielding a knife and stabbing Masaya multiple times while wildly laughing if the cowgirl position is used with her before she breaks. Aoi’s voice may be heard when the scene fades to darkness. The game concludes with the police questioning Aoi about Masaya’s murder.


Masaya Kimura – is the game’s main character. Masaya, the son of a powerful politician, becomes a chikan after his release from jail and follows and rapes the Kiry family. He doesn’t have a voice actor, thus he just communicates through text before and after rape games.
Manaka Kiry is the youngest Kiry sibling, aged 12. She wears a blue outfit and has short black hair. The player may make her meow by giving her cat ears. Natsumi Yanase provides the voice (credited as “Izumi Maki”).
At 17 years old, Aoi Kiry is the oldest Kiry sister. She wears a school uniform and has long brunette hair. The player may wear her hair up in a ponytail (the default option) or down and loose. Mao Enokizu provides the voice.
Yūko Kiryū is the two sisters’ widowed mother. Yko is a 42-year-old lady wearing a green shirt and a beige skirt. Yko also has the biggest breasts, and the player may give her spectacles to make her seem like a virgin or a nerd. Akari Tomiyama provides the voice (credited as “Kaori”).


Video game critics, such as British Member of Parliament Keith Vaz, have pointed to games portraying rape as an example of why video game material needs to be more severely controlled. Vaz became aware of RapeLay in 2009, three years after its original release, since it was being offered on Amazon.com despite not being officially distributed or supported outside of Japan, and he swore to take the matter to the British Parliament to stop the game from being marketed. The game was eventually taken from Amazon’s website. Equality Now asked activists to oppose the game by writing to Illusion and then-Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, claiming that it violated Japan’s duties under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. These measures resulted in the Ethics Body of Computer Software (EOCS), an independent Japanese ratings organisation for adult games, restricting the sale and manufacturing of RapeLay in May 2009, making it impossible to buy the game even in Japan.

Due to a campaign led by Women’s Forum Australia and directed by Melinda Tankard Reist, the distribution of RapeLay has been outlawed in Australia. RapeLay is also Argentina’s sole effectively prohibited video game. “It…appears that there is no antisocial concept too basic for those in the video-game business to exploit,” observed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in his concurring opinion in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, citing RapeLay as an example.

There have also been defence articles produced, with many pointing out that rape is a lesser crime than murder, despite the fact that there are hundreds of legal video games in which the purpose is to kill adversaries. Illusion’s reaction to the incident was befuddling, with a reiteration that the game complied with Japanese legislation and was not released outside of Japan. Illusion subsequently deleted references to the game from their website and stopped selling it, claiming worries about the industry’s influence.

Several eroge publishers and studios immediately started banning foreigners from their official websites. Foreign IPs were outlawed by companies like Minori, Navel, and VisualArts, and foreigners were scolded for moving to Japan to play their games. Minori also started sending stop and desist letters to translation organisations and defaced a translation wiki to enforce their prohibition in a contentious action. The eroge community saw such actions as oppressive and xenophobic.

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