Between A / B testing, campaigns are assigned to several design teams, including thousands of images, videos, and other visual content, to customize targeted ads and format them for a variety of digital platforms. Based in Bangalore, Rocketium automates many processes, allowing teams to run campaigns while reducing their workload. The company announced that it has raised ૨ 4.5 million, led by Emergency Ventures, to launch in the United States and expand to other markets.

Rocketium’s customers include Urban Company, Casaon, BigBasket, Cure.Fit and Misho. He says the scenes created on his platform are viewed by 100 million end users. With its latest funding, Rocketium has raised a total of $ 4.2 million so far, including Bloom Ventures and બ 1 million seed rounds of 1 crore.

Rocketium’s platform is currently invite only and plans to open self-service access and purchases in 2022, with further integration with e-commerce and advertising platforms (its current integration includes Salesforce, MailComp, YouTube, Vimeo, Vista and Hubspot). .

To use Rocketium, design teams create the main set of templates after Photoshop or After Effects and import them onto the platform. Rocketium then customizes the ads for different scenarios. For example, if a retailer runs a targeted campaign with free shipping in certain areas, they insert that information into a spreadsheet and Rocketium automatically updates the text in the samples. Ads and videos are then formatted for different platforms, such as banners for web advertising or square format for Instagram.

Rocketium size adaptation tool

Rocketium size adaptation tool

One of Rocketium’s clients, the fitness app, uses it to run about five to six campaigns per month for various membership plans. Platform therapy enables to reduce production time for visual content and personalize campaigns based on users’ interests, demographics and locations.

Rocketium's AI based copywriter

Rocketium’s AI based copywriter

Rocketium also includes tools for A / B testing, advertising targeting and data analytics.

Other companies that help marketing teams create visual advertising campaigns include Canvas, Invideo, and Lumen 5. Co-founder and CEO Satej Sirur told TechCrunch that Rocketium was created specifically for customers who need to create hundreds or thousands of ads, videos and other creative content a month, and can be used to create up to 10,000 visuals at a time. Is.

While Canvas, Invideo and Lumen 5 provide templates, Rocketium focuses more on users who want to import their own designs into Photoshop and After Effects.

In a statement, Ankur Jain, founder and partner of Emergent Ventures, said, “From the production of high volume content to data-driven campaign optimization, Rocketium is challenging traditional organizational silos to deliver products that are truly marketable by designers and designers alike. Depends on it. ”