10 Best iOS Emulator to Run iOS Apps On PC in 2021

At the moment, Android is, without a doubt, the most popular mobile OS. Android offers far more options and features than any other mobile operating system. In comparison, iOS is the only other mobile operating system that can compete with Android.
iOS also has a high availability of apps just like Android. You can find apps for every purpose in the iOS app store. Sometimes, we want those applications to run on our laptop or computer.
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List of 10 Best iOS Emulator to Run iOS Apps On PC

You can emulate iOS apps on Windows or MAC computers by using iOS emulators even though iOS doesn’t support emulation on PC. As a result of this article, we will discuss some of the top iOS emulators that can be used to run iOS apps on PCs.

1. Xamarin TestFlight

Well, if you’re developing iOS apps, Xamarin TestFlight can be very helpful. The emulator runs very smoothly and is basically an iOS device for the PC. The emulator nowadays belongs to Apple itself, and it provides users with lots of useful features.
However, iOS 8.0 and above is required to run the iPhone emulator for PC. In contrast, Xamarin TestFlight can be downloaded and used for no charge.

2. Adobe AIR

Technically, Adobe AIR is neither an emulator nor an applet, it’s a developer tool for seeing the results of an app running in an iOS environment. A Windows PC can be used to create instances of the iOS GUI with the framework.

There are hardware replication limits on the downside. Therefore, the AIR iPhone rendering may not correspond to what actually appears on an iOS device. In spite of this, Adobe AIR functions well as an iOS emulator.

3. Corellium

On ARM servers in the cloud, Corellium runs almost like a virtual device platform. The platform is mostly used by security researchers to simulate iOS devices in the browser.

Unlike an emulator, it’s a software program that allows individuals to use iOS as a virtual machine. It is going to be a challenging and complicated process to get the tool and set it up.

4. Xcode

Xcode has an iOS emulator built-in that is pretty popular and good for testing purposes. If you are an iOS developer, you might have already used Xcode on your Mac to build or test your apps.

By using Xcode, you can run your applications in addition to a physical device on a virtual machine instead of deploying them to a physical device. Select your device and screen size from a variety of options in Xcode. Moreover, you may also choose between different iOS versions.

5. Air iPhone Emulator

Since it has a user-friendly interface and is simple, this emulator is one of my favorites. With this application, you can view the iPhone’s user interface on your PC using Adobe AIR. In order for this application to work, you just need the Adobe AIR framework.
In its original form, AIR iPhone duplicates the graphical user interface of a mobile phone. This application could be used for many different purposes.

6. appetize.io

Online iOS emulator Appetize works almost exactly the same as the offline version. In addition to being free, it supports the Adobe AIR framework. On the homepage of this software, you will find an option to Upload apps from iOS to your Windows computer.
Due to the cloud-hosted nature of Appetize.io, you don’t need to download an app on your computer. Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and some other iPhones and iPads can also be accessed with Appetiz.io.
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7. SmartFace

Actually, Smartface isn’t a true iOS emulator. Rather, it’s a standalone application development suite. App developers mostly use Smartface for testing or developing new apps.
With Smartface, you can build applications in any language or framework, such as Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, React Native, Ionic, etc. As well as Android smartphones, it supports ios.

8. iPhone Simulator

Simulating an iPhone on a desktop is the best way to create a virtual iPhone on a computer. On your desktop, you’ll see the actual iPhone.
In comparison to the App Store, this does not provide access to any applications that need to be tested. In addition to default apps like notepad, clock, calculator, etc., you can also download third-party apps.

9. Electric Mobile Studio

You can also run iOS apps from Windows devices using the Electric Mobile Studio emulator. There are, however, some hefty price tags associated with it as it’s a premium app.
A wide range of features are available in Electric Mobile Studio which you can also use to develop iOS applications. However, you may take advantage of a 7-day free trial for emulation.

10. iPadian

iPadian isn’t an iOS emulator. Instead, it is an iOS simulator you can use on your PC. You won’t be able to access the App Store since it’s just a simulator. Aside from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, you can access 100’s of apps through this platform. You can try this if you want a PC experience similar to an iPad.

There is only one downside to iPadian, and it is the fact that it is completely paid. We chose to include this at the end of the list because of this reason.

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