Samsung has just sent out invitations for its next unpacked event. There are companies that like to grab a glimpse of their invitations – and then there is Samsung. The note, with big and bold words, leads to “Get ready to get ready” and is paired with a pair of flat colored objects that can be said to resemble the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip’s form factor, respectively.

Considering the general state of the world in the last two-and-a-half years, the event will be held virtually on Wednesday, August 11. Interestingly, the company is also opening biases at its “next flag-waving” venues. And the specs disappear. Features for early preorders include “12 free months of Samsung Care”, an additional 200 days of trade credit and special pre-order orders. “

But honestly, it’s usually best to wait until you really see the thing and maybe not even read one or two reviews.

There is a lot to unpack before the event (so to speak). First, I’m probably not alone in expecting that the company will focus on its next big event, the Galaxy Galaxy. The big event at MWC was a bit of a hiccup (not unlike MWC), in exchange for any hardware announcement, which would provide more information about the upcoming wearable partnership with Google.

As the company noted at the time, “The next One UI and Watch will enter its next unpacked event later this summer, playing on the new UI, as well as the upcoming joint Samsung / Google platform.”

It seems probable that even if this new event does not get top billing it will still be that event. For one thing we are finishing the summer. For another, rumors are set to launch a new Galaxy Watch in late August (27)M) Release.

All told, this could be a very big summer event for the company, adopting the trend of assembling one device after another in virtual search last year. The word on the street is that we can see a Galaxy V4C4, Galaxy Z fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy S21 Fe (“Fan Edition” – basically the latest version of the company’s budget flagship) and even the Galaxy Buds Pro. Which takes on a more direct AirPods Pro (which is getting a little longer in the teeth).

What is missing in all this? No issue if you said note. Samsung’s loving phablet is reportedly not coming this year, as chip shortages are plaguing the industry. It will hit Samsung’s six-month cycle big, though we’ll see how it all goes soon.

August 11M Event starts at 10am ET / 7AM PT.