What is Seçim Oyunu 2 Apk Download

Choose your favourite Turkish political party and leader, or start your own party with your own personality! Drive your party bus across Turkish cities to set yourself apart from the competition. Participate in the tourism and activity rally, appear on TV shows, and attract voters’ attention. It creates partnerships while establishing policies. Obtaining power will allow you to pass laws in the assembly and build the nation and cities.

The well-liked Turkish political game is now available! Election Gaming 2 is ready for you with its captivating 3D graphics, unique game mechanics, and new features.

The secret to winning the election is to play a variety of game variants. The best score is achieved by driving the party bus quickly through congested traffic, passing other cars without hitting them, and avoiding competing buses. Your score rises as you effectively navigate traffic without colliding with any other cars. Press the button fast to get extra points when the other party bus is in challenge mode. Play the rally mode to compete in several Turkish cities. To get media attention, they stage penalty shootout competitions. Go on television, respond to questions from reporters as quickly as you can, and watch your score rise across the nation.

You can customise your party headquarters and office space in the new game. Your primary party headquarters can be strengthened by being improved. Upgrade your garage, expand your convoy with security and law enforcement vehicles, and personalise your bus with unique skins, rims, and music.

Now is the moment to campaign and garner support!

Seçim Oyunu 2 APK’s features

  • stunning 3D graphics
  • actual leaders’ skins
  • vehicle controls that are easy to use.
  • 10 distinct parties’ music and bus skins
  • According to the size of the cities’ populations, there are five levels of difficulty.
  • There are 7 different game modes: Race in traffic, Tap-tap challenge, rally attention game, answering questions on TV, Penalty Shootout, Law proposal, Congress, and answering questions.
  • favouring the use of English.


  • When in racing mode, you can operate your vehicle with a motion sensor, steering wheel, or touch.
  • In the rival party bus challenge mode, the “yes” seal must be pressed as rapidly and often as possible.
  • Keep and repeat the prompter’s images when the rally mode is active.
  • In TV mode, rapidly respond to inquiries from reporters.
  • You can rapidly read the proposal and defend your position against those attempting to stop you by clicking the text.


  • Regular provincial centre openings boost your city’s budget revenues and voter turnout.
  • Being a stronger party is demonstrated by having a stronger party headquarters.
  • Your score rises throughout all provinces as you take part in TV shows.
  • On TV, you get more points for accurately answering questions more quickly.
  • Your turnout on election day can be a little lower if you don’t organise a rally.
  • When you travel to all cities for rallies, the public pays attention to you and you receive more votes.
  • Driving more quickly allows you to arrive at the rally location quicker and gain more supporters without delaying them.
  • You gain extra points when you pass the opposing party bus, but you lose votes if you don’t. Press “yes” to pass whenever it’s possible.
Apk NameSeçim Oyunu 2 Apk Download
Size285.9 MB
DeveloperYeti Game Studio
Requires Android5.5 and up

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