What is Sneaky Sasquatch Apk Download

RAC7 Games’ 2D adventure game. The player takes control of a ravenous Sasquatch in this game. So he doesn’t scavenge food, the ranger and other campers in the adjoining campground must keep an eye on him.

Stealing food or selling it to a bear for cash requires Sasquatch to use his stealth abilities. If you want to get home before dark, you should do these duties by then.

What is the purpose of the Sneaky Sasquatch Apk?

The entire game is summed up in one title. You’ll meet a crafty and savage beast in Sneaky Sasquatch. This vast campground is home to Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot. You must find particular spots in the wide world where specific goods can be found in addition to foraging in campsites.

It’s critical that you remember exactly what you did the day before so you can grab the appropriate gear the next day. A sight and sound metre surrounds non-playable individuals in this free open-world game. The NPCs, on the other hand, are given a lot of leeway.

If you are caught, “Ranger Danger” is activated. You must be apprehended and sent by the camp wardens. You’ll have access to golf carts, motorcycles, and even walking to try to get away.

Sneaky Sasquatch’s open world is the icing on the cake of this fun game. This 2D game can only be made ludicrous by interacting with campers. Overall, the game is quite thrilling because it keeps you on the tip of your seat throughout.


Take part in everyday Sasquatch activities such as:

  • Take a look at what the campgrounds have to offer.
  • Make it appear as if you’re human.
  • Picnic baskets and coolers left unattended are dangerous.
  • In just a few minutes, you can play nine holes of golf.
  • Visit the nearby region if you want to go lake fishing.
  • An engine block can be used to cook a sausage.
  • You’re being pursued by Rangers all across the park.
  • Discover what lies beneath the surface of the earth.
  • To drive, you’ll need a driver’s licence.
  • Lessons in snowboarding Vehicles can be purchased, upgraded, and raced in the game.
  • Ducks can help you save energy in your home.
  • Apartments for rent are available in the neighbourhood.
  • As a high-ranking executive of a multinational corporation,
Apk NameSneaky Sasquatch Apk Download
Size306 MB
DeveloperRAC7 Games
Requires Android5.5 and up

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