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Apk NameSolotech App Download
Size18 MB
DeveloperSolo Tech Apps
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is Solotech App Download

You can view and read any document file on your mobile device using a document viewer or file viewer. 
The smallest (less than 8 MB) and most comprehensive free office suite programme is the Docx reader and viewer.

Document Manager 
Using the office viewer’s folder structure view, you can organise and manage each document file.
Additionally, all document files are available in one location that is very simple to search and browse.

File Viewer 
You can view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, and PDF files with an Android document viewer or reader. Additionally, it provides a variety of compatibility with office file types, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, SS, TXT, XLS, and PPT.

PPTX Slides in PPT Reader
PowerPoint and presentation files can be easily seen and opened on a device.

A PDF Editor, a PDF Converter, and a PDF Creator 
You may convert files from PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, and PDF to Doc using the PDF converter option. Your photographs can be quickly grouped and converted into a single PDF file with the Image to Pdf Converter (jpg to PDF, png to PDF). Cropping software lets you change the size of an image and improve it, and it can also turn text entered by the user into PDF files.

PDF Viewer/PDF Reader 
Read PDF files quickly and effortlessly by tapping once. 
speedy and reliable performance. 
You may zoom in and out of PDF files for clear vision. 
rapidly find, produce, and save the pdf file. 
Send & Share PDF Files Easily

Excel Reader: Excel Viewer 
You can read all Excel file formats with this programme.

Doc Viewer/Doc Reader 
A quick way to read Word documents on your phone is with the Docx viewer. The Word Viewer app is straightforward and small. Docx file readers nicely represent all document formats.

Scanning for documents 
You can scan papers, receipts, images, reports, and pdf files wherever you are using a doc scanner. 
Remove text from an image With OCR (optical character recognition), you can search for, change, and share text in images of documents.

Folder Organization 
A list of all files in a folder, organised

Rapidly search 
Use the search feature to quickly access any Word, PowerPoint, Excel, text, or PDF file.

HTML Reader or Viewer. 
You may view virtually any code file format with an xml file reader. 
XML, CPP, Java, HTML, JSON, PHP, YAML, SQL, JS, CSS, CS, CONFIG, and others are examples of code file formats.

File Specifications 
Direct file opening, simple file selection, and easy access to file details like file location, file size, and latest changed date allow for simple document sharing.

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