The so-called developing startups Deep tech often seems challenging to capitalize on for a variety of reasons. TechCrunch Early Stage: On Marketing and Fundraising, two experienced investors spoke on the topic and advised those who are starting a challenging fundraising route.

Pay Woo and Garrett Winter are both partners in SOSV and run fund programs around biotech and hardware. SOSV does not shy away from startups creating complex technologies, and because of this, Wu and Winter are well-advised to raise funds. They presented three main points aimed at fundraising startups for the Deep Tech app, but the point applies to any variety of startups.

Before advising, the two acknowledged the deep technical ecosystem and the noise of each industry. Their presentation focuses on general guidelines applied to almost every startup.

Finding the right investor

The first point on Wu and Winter’s presentation seems a bit self-serving but based on solid advice. When creating a deep tech startup, find the right investor, they said. This is general advice for startups, but according to both, it is even more important when creating a company that will take more time for the investor to see returns.

In Deep Tech, it is important to think about the fit of the founder-investor. And what we mean by this is understanding why an investor is even in the first place in VC. And that’s what takes you, the founder, to do what you do.

And so we have seen this as a van figure among the founders, investors who have a close insane devotion to the desire to solve the original systemic problem and develop on a unique risk profile that comes in deep technology. Because with Deep Tech, we’re both talking about technical risks, where perhaps the company’s insights just prove that we no longer have a problem doing what you’re trying to do to break any laws of physics. . So there is a big technical risk. (Timestamp: 6:09)

We, as investors, prefer to look for methodical founders, who can see the first step that will unify at the right moment of technical and business goals.

Set achievable goals

Breakthrough technology rarely came with sudden advances. As explained in this presentation, it is important to set achievable goals that can lead to the desired outcome.