If you know Anything about Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel Dune, In addition to that fact Kind of extra, That is, the latest film adaptation is highly anticipated Long Time. Ever since David Lynch released his somewhat impure version in 1984, fans have wanted to say bigger, bigger, better. Dune Movie. It’s the scientist’s White Whale – a book that everyone should try. Maybe that’s why Warner Bros. announced in 2019 Arrival Director Dennis Villanueva would be on hand to give him a shot, the general consensus was, “Well, if anyone can do it, they can do it.” The suspense was real.

Then came Covid-19, theaters shut down, and the most anticipated film of 2020 became the most anticipated film of 2021. Then Warner Bros. announced the full slate of its 2021 films – including Dune– Its streaming service, premiered on HBO Max, hit theaters the same day. In every sense of the word, Cinephile Villaneuve wrote, wrote Diversity That decision “could just kill Dune By not giving the film a chance to perform well on office fees. Today, the studio released the main trailer of the film – and it practically urges you to watch it in cinemas.

From the sheer number of sandworms to the geometric impossibility of Zendaya and Timothy Chelmet’s combined chickbones, this is a movie made for the largest screen possible, preferably an emax. The spice-filled sands of Aracis, the ships that look like cities, the stationary suits, the impressive floating figure of Baron Harkonenen – all of these things seem ridiculous on the small screen; It’s almost painful to watch this trailer on a 15-inch MB book. It’s a film designed to get the butt on the theater seats. (Side note: having any of the above references – or Anything That’s what happens in this trailer – make a meaningful trough for those who haven’t read the book? It sounds gorgeous, but, oh my God, it’s a battle on a hill to have no clue what “spice” is. See, it’s essentially a drug that allows pilots to navigate in space travel; It also makes people’s eyes blue, and … you know what? Never mind.)

In that sense, this Dune The trailer has achieved its purpose. The major upheaval with the closure of the Covid-19 theater was that it accelerated Hollywood’s transition to releasing movies on the same day streaming services in theaters. In addition to Warner Bros. ‘Come on, Disney also started putting up movies Cruella Early weekend at Disney. Disney proved that this could be a somewhat successful model Black widowIs, which has grossed more than 200 200 million in its opening week. But when Disney charged ડ 30 Black widow, Dune, HBO Max L with Gin will be free for anyone unless something changes. To make an impact, it will either have to sell a lot of theater tickets or significantly run HBO Max subscriptions – or both.

Based on this trailer, he fires a gun for the former. Dune October 22 comes out, and until then there is no further increase in coronavirus infection (get vaccinated, do it all!). Dune!), The film will run on the screen as much as possible. Follows Black widowA presentation by the National Association of Theater Owners, basically releasing a statement, said Disney has left money on the table by putting the film on its streaming service. There is no doubt that some are afraid that lays Dune The same can be done on HBO Max, but if there is any hint in this trailer, Villaneuve’s movie is here for the shooting of the moon. Fear is mind-blowing.

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