What is Tap, Tap Android 11 Apk

Tap, Tap is a smartphone software that allows you to use gesture shortcuts by touching the back of your phone, as long as your model permits it. This feature was first added to Android 11 (only on phones with an ARMv8 architecture).

You may use this software to start applications, change settings, go home, go back, capture screenshots, switch on the flashlight, and more using gestures on the back of your smartphone. You may set up numerous “gates” that prevent shortcuts in specific situations from the settings menu. When you’re on a call or have a certain app open, you may, for example, disable all back-of-smartphone shortcuts.

If you have a compatible smartphone, Tap, Tap is a fun app to try since it allows you an extra layer of customisation to experiment with, further simplifying the tasks you do on a daily basis.

The gesture may also be fully customised to only be executed under specific circumstances or to perform different tasks in different contexts, such as only when an app is open and the screen is turned off, or only while music is playing (many more options are available).

You can control how sensitive the gesture is and how it responds by choosing from eight “models” that have been trained for devices with heights between 5.7″ and 6.3″. You can also control the sensitivity of gesture detection more precisely, which suggests that there is a configuration that will work well for most devices.

Tap, Tap also tries to save battery life by only recognizing gestures when they are needed. It also works with the “low power mode” on some Pixel phones and uses the device’s machine learning features that use less power when they are available.

Tap, Tap provides over 50 actions that can be run from double or triple taps on the back of your device, including:

  • Launching an app
  • Launching a shortcut
  • Toggling the flashlight
  • Simulating button presses, such as home or back
  • Running a Tasker task
Apk NameTap, Tap Android 11 Apk
Size12.44 MB
Requires Android5.5 and up

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