In fact, the lack of software support is the real deal killer. TCL is committed to just two years of security updates for all 20 series. The 20 Pro 5G will get two Android OS upgrades, the 20S will get one, and the 20 SE doesn’t promise anything. Longer software support means your phone can last longer, and extending the time to competitors like Samsung Four Year of coverage. TCL needs to make its game here.

OK camera

My systems on these phones are also inferior to their counterparts, although the 20 Pro 5G is still pretty good. Its flagship 48-megapixel camera tends to cast more shadows and overcrowding, and at night, the Pixel 4A 5G beats it with brighter and more detailed images. But that doesn’t mean TCL’s camera is mine Bath. I’ve taken some low-light shots, and it has a 16-MP ultraviolet that gives you more versatility. Its results are decent, especially if you are taking photos when there is a lot of light.

The 20S’s 64-MP main camera and 8-MP ultraviolet are less impressive, especially at night. He has trouble concentrating, so I usually had a vague shot. The daytime photos also had much less shadows and too much saturation. I liked the photos taken from the Galaxy A5 32G above, and it’s only 30 30.

Speaking of the -200TCL20SE and its 48-MP main camera, I rarely took any photos with it. If you’re trying to catch anything that runs like a dog, expect it to be obscure. For still subjects, daytime images are passable, but there is no dedicated night mode, so low light photos lack sharpness.

Fierce competition

A budget smartphone with four years of software support was a pipe dream in 2020, but it is now a reality. The TCL20 Pro 5G is not Bath Pick, but phones like the Pixel 4A 5G and Galaxy A5 2 5G will be safer and get new features for a long time. Also, they have stronger 5G connectivity.

Speaking of 20S and 20SE, that’s oddly enough More There is competition in the under $ 300 category, so you’re spoiled for choice. The Galaxy A32 beats both the 5G (0 280) with the same battery life, good performance, long lasting software support and a good camera. For the lower end, you’re better off with a phone like the Moto G Power, which has 20 SE. Is a better camera than and it goes up to 230.

I hope TCL’s third attempt in 2022 will beat its budget phones. But for that, it needs to work on its image processing, and it should consider increasing the length of support it provides for its devices. As they say, the third time is charm.