Apk NameTeaching Feelings Apk Android Español
Size440 MB
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is Teaching Feelings Apk Android Español

Teaching Feelings is a rather confusing adult adventure game with a disturbing situation. It has an Android version.

Poor roll. This conversational adventure game for Android, which is a port of an earlier game for PC, provides that. Of course, it isn’t for anything besides his case.

A strange assignment

In Teaching Feeling, the user takes on the role of the main character in the first person, a doctor who one day receives a visit from a patient he once prevented from dying, who sends him money as payment and a girl to take care of and use as his slave. I guess things are starting to get difficult.

But as if having someone as a slave wasn’t bad enough, the girl’s drawing causes the woman to perceive her more as a girl than as a fully realised woman. So, yes, this game is terrible. Nothing, you have to speak to her and, taking advantage of her protagonist’s authority, utilise her for amusement only.

Yes, it’s a game, it’s fiction, and there have been examples of these things in literature for centuries as well as in other artistic disciplines. However, Nabokov or the Marquis de Sade, to give two examples (different from each other, mind you), reproduce situations that, fortunately, socially, were not as frowned upon as they are today in developed societies, so, in case you had thought about it, there is no justification for using examples like these. Overall, a truly repulsive game.

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