“It’s about focusing on metrics that directly reflect the value your company and products bring to your customers,” growth marketer Maya Moufarek told us in an interview for our most popular marketing article of the week. “For RBNB, that could be the number of nights booked; For Spotify, the minutes were heard. It’s all about simplifying your strategy into something digestible, memorable, and applicable. “

In the interview, Mauferek talks about the importance of Sean Ellis ’North Star metrics, how he does brand dit to his customers, brand building and more.

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Lessons from Maya Moufarek, Founder of Marketing Cube for Customer-Oriented Startups: Maya Moufarek, Founder of Growth Consulting Consultant, joins Miranda Helppern as part of the TechCrunch Experts series. Moufarek shares his advice for startups and explains why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing.

Creativity is a critical factor in growth marketing: self-proclaimed “Growth Marketing Nerd” and current Uber growth team member Jonathan Martinez breaks down how to succeed in the creative test. Martinez discusses how to do this when facing current privacy restrictions.

(Special Crunch) How Susan Sue Grows at Each Stage in Your Startup Contact Growth: Managing Editor Eric Alden Growth Marketing Expert Susan Suni talks about the beginning of the TechCrunch: marketing and fundraising. The model of qualitative growth of the sample and the importance of always having a development team.

(Special Crunch) Silicon Valley chemist Karen Maroney shares how this story can be nailed: Senior Editor Matt Burns TechCrunch recaps Karen Maroney from the early stages: marketing and fundraising. Current VC and former communications expert Maruni touches on his RIBS method – read the article to find out what it is and how to apply it to your own story.

(Special Crunch) Mike Dubois of Greylock explains how to define growth and build your team: Editor Lucas Mattney, TechCrunch Breaks Early Phase: Partner at Grylok Mike Dubois, Marketing and Funding Presentation This discussion is divided into 10 main points about growth, including prioritizing maintenance, renting for growth, and more.

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Marketer: Ilia Termano, founder of Extrabrains

Recommended by: Anonymous

Testimonial: “T-shaped skills to focus on strategy and long-term ROI.”

Marketer: Adam Dwunder, EveryDeveloper

Recommended by: Carl Hughes, Draft.Dev

Testimonial: “In addition to writing a book on developer marketing, Adam draws on deep experience as a developer and developer’s advocate to ensure his clients set a winning strategy in motion.”

Marketer: Jonathan Metric, Portage Ventures

Recommended by: Matt Bird

Testimonial: “Jonathan was really changeable in his policygenius. Before its arrival, we were running a smart but vague marketing effort. Our messaging was inconsistent, and our approach to understanding the effectiveness of the channel was weaker than that. Jonathan brought a growth mentality to the team, and in a short time created a hyper-sensitive organization. “