In May, Google announced that it would release a new version of its wearable operating operating system, used by tech and fashion brands, including Mobai and Fossil Group. It’s called Ware OS 3, and it’s being coded by Google, Samsung, and Fitbit (the latter is now owned by Google). This new version is expected to deliver better performance, longer battery life and more third- and first-party apps as well as stronger health and fitness features.

The first wear OS3 smartwatch will come from Samsung, and it will probably launch in August. Unfortunately, this means that Samsung’s current smartwatch, such as the Galaxy W3C3 above, will No Get the update, as they run another operating system. Google has also shared that only a few smartwatches are eligible to be upgraded to OS3: Mobwei’s Tickwatch Pro 3 (GPS and LTE) and Tickwatch E3. This suggests that the new version requires Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip, as its use is the only smartwatch on the market. Fossil Group’s smartwatch, which launches later this year, will also have the option to upgrade, which means it will also run on the same chip.

Unfortunately, even if you have the option to upgrade, things are vague. Google says the upgrade won’t be available until mid-2022, and will require a factory reset. Worst of all, you won’t enjoy the full breadth of features in Wear OS 3, as the platform is built for a completely new chipset. (Google did not specify exactly Of which Chips made for it.) So, for now, you should keep it off until a new smartwatch launches with the new version.