One of the world’s most famous ransomware gangs suddenly disappeared from the internet on Tuesday morning. A day before the unseen migration, senior White House and Russian officials are due to meet to discuss the global ransomware crisis.

The ransomware crew known as Revil has been booming underground cybercrime for years. 42૨% of all recent ransomware attacks detect this gang. Earlier this month, the gang attacked software company Cassia and hit at least 1,000 businesses. It was one of the most comprehensive ransomware campaigns ever conducted. And last month, Revel hit meat supplier JBS and demanded a 11 million payment. Although world leaders turned their attention to ransomware and threatened to take action, Revel is still a rival.

Alan Liska, a senior security analyst at Firm’s Record Futures, says: “We are cautiously optimistic that there has been a big gang.”

There are a few possible explanations for what caused today’s closure. First, the gang would have chosen to retire on their own if they had earned enough money or felt overwhelmed. The United States or its allies may have successfully taken them offline. Or the Russian government may have forced them to close under international scrutiny. Their disappearance can also be temporary – many cybercriminals pretend to “retire” before reappearing under a new identity.

“We do not recommend any immediate conclusions, but Revel, indeed, is one of the most ruthless and creative ransomware gangs we have ever had,” said Ekram Ahmed, a spokesman for Checkpoint Software. Is.

The answer is vague and the widespread problem of rinsomware is still big.

“I don’t know what this means, but regardless, I’m happy!” Tweeted Katie Nicklase, director of intelligence at the American firm Red Canary. “If the government’s withdrawal is wonderful, they are taking action. If the actors voluntarily calmed down – excellent, maybe they were scared. It is still important to remember that this ransomware does not solve. “