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Time is the seemingly irreversible sequence of existence and events from the past to the future. It’s a component of various measurements used to sequence events, compare durations or intervals, and quantify rates of change in material reality or conscious experience. Time is a fourth dimension, along with three spatial dimensions.

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Time has long been studied in religion, philosophy, and science, but scholars have struggled to define it without circularity. Business, industry, sports, the sciences, and the performing arts all measure time.

“What a clock reads” defines time in physics.

General relativity examines the physical nature of time in spacetime. Two particles colliding, a supernova exploding, or a rocket ship arriving are events. Four numbers represent an event’s time and position (its coordinates). Observers’ numerical values vary. In general relativity, what time it is depends on the observer. Michelson and Morley demonstrated that the time it takes light to travel a given distance is the same for all observers. General relativity doesn’t address the nature of time in quantum mechanics. Quantum general relativity has no accepted theory.

Time is one of SI’s seven fundamental physical quantities. The second is defined by measuring the caesium atoms’ electronic transition frequency. Defining time in terms of other quantities, like velocity, would be circular. An operational definition of time, in which observing a certain number of repetitions of a standard cyclical event (such as a free-swinging pendulum) constitutes one second, is useful in both advanced experiments and everyday life. To describe observations of an event, a location (position in space) and time are typically noted.

Time’s operational definition doesn’t address its nature. It doesn’t explain why space events can go forward and backward but only in time. Physicists defined the spacetime continuum by investigating space and time. General relativity explains spacetime. Time can be distorted and dilated at the edges of black holes, according to theoretical and experimental research.

Temporal measurement is important in navigation and astronomy. Periodic events and motion serve as time standards. Sun’s apparent motion, moon phases, pendulum swing, and heartbeat are examples. Time has economic (“time is money”) and personal value due to the limited time in each day and human life spans.

There are many ways to tell time, including GPS, satellites, UTC, and mean solar time. Different time systems produce different numbers.

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