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The concept behind the final rival: The court reminds me to play with the statistics of my actions as a child: the armies of the empire will back up the scalar and take the side of the rebellious alliance flying under the banner of the Optimus Prime together with the Megatron and its desiccants. .

Ultimate Rival is a mobile sports game that brings athletes from many sports. Developer Bit Fry describes it as “NBA Jam meets Street Fighter.” It’s light, with bright neon courts, moves and players. It happens on a basketball court, but when you have hockey players involved, they will wield sticks wearing their pads and skates. A baseball player can bat the ball in a hoop. It’s the second game from the studio (Rink was the first) it’s on Apple Pal Arcade and in beta for PC.

When I first saw this, I wasn’t thinking about the balance or mechanics of the game. I was wondering how difficult it would be to get so many Pro Leagues and Players Associations to sign up. Licenses protected by Bit Fry include:

  • N.H.L.
  • NHL Players Association
  • M.L.B.
  • MLB Players Association
  • NBA
  • NBA Players Association
  • NFL Players Association
  • Women’s U.S. Soccer
  • WNBA
  • WWE
  • Wayne Gretzky

“It certainly took a long time and it’s a testament to our CEO, Ben Friedlin – he’s the one with Todzil. [its chief business development officer]”We went from league to league and talked,” said game design director Arjun Rao in an email. “It wasn’t an easy lift by any stretch, but I think they all saw value in the concept. It’s really something that Never before. “


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Look at the demand

Bitfry had to make separate deals with the National Basketball Players Association, as it has a different license than the NBA. The same is true for other players’ associations.

It has players from the NBA, NHL and MLB. Now that the Olympics are capturing the world of sports right now, I asked why they don’t like gymnast Simon Byles or swimmer Katie Ledecky.

“We put a lot of time and effort into creating new sports athletes because the past / present / future establishments of the ultimate rival franchise connected to each other are affected. As a result we have to spend our time and be very careful with who / what we bring – which also makes it very difficult to justify one-extra additions to the roster, ”he said.

He gave the example of Beat Fry’s future wrestling partnership.

“Take, for example, WWE Superstars and Legends that we will add to the franchise in a future update. Those characters will have their own unique moves, animations, models and brand new Ultimate abilities. Only need to add them to a game, let alone [two-plus] Sports when you consider the rink, “he said.” That said, we’re always looking for new additions to the brand, but in any case we need to do it in a way that makes sense from a business / franchise perspective. “

Tribute to arcade games

Above: Steelers star WR Juju Smith Schuster could also be a star on a virtual court.

Image Credit: Bit Fry

The appearance of Ultimate Rivals reminds me of the choice of NBA Jam and other arcade games, with more neon. It is intentional.

“When it comes to arcade sports games, it doesn’t get more iconic than basketball than l with a choice of NBA jams, streets, etc. We felt it was time to establish ourselves in the wings of the great arcade. Basketball games are games … which grew up playing in our numbers, ”Rao said.

I was curious about the laser neon look – why did Bit Fry make this choice?

“We’re vague about what we do, including the visual direction of the game,” Rao said. “Ultimate rivals occur in alternative futures, complete with scientific global dystopian corporations, rogue AI and simulated worlds. The Ultimate Rival Universe is something we’re excited to reveal more as we continue to expand on the franchise, but Visual says it’s been in the rink since day one. “

I just wonder how bright this neon style makes the smile look of Angels superstar Shohai Ohtani.


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