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At Kidd Brewer Stadium on Saturday at 12:00 ET, the North Carolina Tar Heels will take on the Appalachian State Mountaineers. The Mountaineers are entering with the intention of kicking off another outstanding season following a 10-4 record and appearance in the Boca Raton Bowl last year. The UNC Tar Heels, who were 6-7 last year, just defeated Florida A&M Rattlers 56-24.

Before the game, bear in mind these offensive stats: Appalachian State finished the 2021 season with 55 total touchdowns, good for 15th best in the country (top 6%). With 30 total rushing touchdowns at the end of the season (top 8%), UNC showed some offensive firepower of their own. They finished the season ranked 20th in the nation.

The neutral point spread indicates that this contest will be tight. We’ll find out if the outcome is as close as the odds suggest or if one of these teams is capable of an unexpected rout.

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