For years, Microsoft has diligently updated Windows 10, adding features and refining the user interface. Now, there’s a fresh start on the horizon: Windows 11, a whole new operating system due out in late 2021.

Is it possible to upgrade a Windows 10 PC to Windows 11?

When Windows 11 is released towards the end of 2021, certain Windows 10 PCs will be eligible for an upgrade. If your PC is capable of running Windows 11, you will be able to update it for free.

What Are the Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements?

It all relies on the hardware of your computer. The system requirements for Windows 11 are more rigorous than those for Windows 10. Windows 11, for example, will only operate on 64-bit computers. A TPM 2.0 chip and UEFI software with Secure Boot capabilities are also required. Almost all PCs from the Windows 7 period will be ineligible.

You may use Microsoft’s free PC Health Check software to see whether your PC is capable of running Windows 11. If the programme indicates your PC won’t run Windows 11, your TPM or Secure Boot settings in your computer’s UEFI firmware may be disabled. You may try activating these capabilities in your UEFI firmware settings (BIOS).