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Yoho Sports is a free public APP platform for smart wearable devices that may be connected to the APP via a proprietary communication protocol. The user may control and sync data from these devices to an APP on their smartphone, and then perform additional data analysis. Customers can get help from Yoho Sports to better understand and change their daily exercise, health, and habit patterns.

Fitness trackers were once gym machines or even little devices that you had to wear on your person to track your activity. Smartwatches—digital tiny gadgets that fit on your wrist and provide more than just the time and date—are now part of the smart device lineup.The Apple Watch, which can connect with other Apple devices with ease, is one of the most popular. These smart gadgets have paved the way for the creation of digital fitness trackers, and the Yoho Sports bracelet is just one of the many you can buy and test out.

Take the gym with you

This fitness tracker is comparable to most others on the market in that you’ll need to verify your performance via a smartphone app. The Yoho Sports app will show you three primary activities: the number of steps you’ve taken, the quality of your sleep, and your workout objectives. The bracelet will operate as a pedometer, counting your steps, and the app will display the number of kilometres you’ve travelled and calories you’ve burned based on the information you’ve provided before. The app’s Sleep Monitor function displays the number of hours you spent sleeping deeply, lightly, and waking up in the middle of the night. On the Activities page, you can keep track of both of them and create objectives for yourself. You may even set alarms and get notifications using the app.


Take caution, though, since while the bracelet itself works, the software frequently fails and wipes off all of your progress. It used to operate fine, but it’s been failing more frequently lately, leaving the bracelet worthless for the majority of its customers. You might want to try another bracelet and app until this one addresses all of its issues.

Yath Sports Apk is an app that works with the Yoho Sports wristband to monitor your activities with some precision.

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The Yoho Sports app is only for use with the Yoho Sports wristband. Other activity tracking gadgets are not supported. When you sync the app with the device, you’ll be able to track your heart rate and tally how many steps you walk or how many hours you sleep. You may start making great adjustments in your life now that you have this information.

The tracking gadget must be linked with the app in order for it to operate. This is because the bracelet senses movement and converts it into walking and sleeping. It’s also equipped with sensors that monitor your heart rate.

The user interface makes viewing all of your daily information a breeze. Steps taken each day are shown above minor data like calories burned or distance travelled. It may also show you how close you are to meeting your walking or sleeping objectives.

The gadget itself is defective, since it often fails to connect to the app or disconnects unexpectedly during the day. This halts in-app development and makes using the device a risky proposition. Part of this is because the device has a limited amount of power, which means that it needs to be plugged back in after it has been charged in order to sync time and process data.

It’s also debatable whether the gadget correctly measures your heart rate or sleep duration.

Apk NameYath Sports Apk Download
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DevelopermCube Inc.
Requires Android5.5 and up

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