What is Zombie Tsunami Apk Hack Download

The zombies are a shambles! Attack the city with a zombie horde, turn pedestrians into zombies, and create the largest horde possible.

Consume your friends and challenge them to a wild race while destroying everything in your path.

Over 200 million people have played Zombie Tsunami around the world.

“Zombie Tsunami is a game you really must have” (TouchArcade)

What is Zombie Tsunami Apk and how does it work?

Zombie Tsunami is an odd endless runner. Instead of controlling a single person, you’ll be in charge of a wave of zombies that expands or contracts in size depending on how many people you bite.

Throughout the run, you will come across humans who will serve as simple targets, as well as barriers like as various vehicles (waggons, buses, and so on) that will require some zombies in your tsunami to continue. Four zombies in the tsunami, for example, may be required to add the inhabitants of a car to your horde. You’ll have to run or risk losing the few zombies you have if you have any less.

In the entertainment industry, this application is the best. Because of its popular features and excellent user experience, this programme goes viral immediately after its introduction.

A normal Zombie Tsunami Game also features a number of power-ups that allow you to transform your zombies into ninja zombies, football players, or even a dragon.

In other zombie games, you are the protagonist, and you will be killing zombies. You’ll be able to see the other side of the story with this game. As a result, you’ll be the destructor in this game rather than the rescuer.

After playing Zombie Tsunami, you will be transformed into a zombie who will then conquer villages and cities. Your main goal is to wipe out humanity by destroying whatever you see, turning everyone into a zombie.

Your destructive talents are the most crucial feature of this game, as you will destroy everything in your path. You’ll eat everyone you come across as well.


  • Control the entire horde with “one touch” gameplay.
  • There are ten insane bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and much more.
  • There are numerous upgrades to be found.
  • Raise zombie birds and harness their abilities.
  • There are almost 300 tasks to complete and 11 sets to travel through.
  • All Android models are supported.
Apk NameZombie Tsunami Apk Hack Download
Size68 MB
DeveloperMobigame S.A.R.L.
Requires Android5.5 and up

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